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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
It'll work with the first iPad (and current iPhone and iTouch) as well, up to 720p.
Yep, that was the best part of the presentation and announcements today. It's been a while since Apple didn't essentially force you to get a new device to get updated functionality, or functionality that should have been there to start with.

What cracked me up was the difference in the guy "reviewing" the iPad 2 (he was basically checking it out at the event) and the guy who previewed the Xoom.

Honeycomb was fast, innovative and blazing fast. Lots of things running together and apps running in the background (proper backgrounding, not just suspended state), widgets and so forth. It looked fantastically smooth and blazing fast (my personal impressions as well), but Engadget noticed some lag here and there and pointed out the issues.

The iPad2 preview? All I heard was the sound of the guy spooging over the device. OMG, ITS SO FAAAAST, GEEZ ITS AMAZINGLY FAAAAST !!! AAAAGGH.. MY PANTS... I JUST SPOOGED MY PANTS AND I'VE NEVER SPOOGED SO FAAAAST!!!!!

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