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Originally Posted by Runningman View Post
So nothing really that big of a deal, I'm really thinking about the xoom...just the price sucks
The price is very competitive when you look at it in it's entirety.

Also, there were was a deal where the Xoom's were selling for about 20% off. My friend bought one (waiting for it to ship at the moment) and including some accessories, he paid about $600 bucks.

I am also very interested in seeing how the new Galaxy Tab does and Dell's new 10" tablet. I haven't had a chance to get my hands on the new Tab yet, but the new Dell Tablet felt very good and has a great form-factor. Seemed a little smaller overall than the Xoom, but not sure about the final specs

Currently thought, Xoom > all other released products. However, the Blackberry Playbook is looking VERY intriguing.
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