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Default Re: Whole Home Wired Networking

Just curious what kind of layout you have. It can make a difference as to how easy you can make it. For example I've run many connections in our house which is a single story with a basement. Rather than fish the wall and put in boxes (which do look a tad nicer if no one cares about you putting holes into the wall) I just drill a 1/4" hole through the floor near the edge of the wall. You can feed the wire through that and tuck it under molding if you have to run down the wall a little bit. All of the wires are usually behind some piece of furniture so you don't really see them anyway and the hole is small enough you wouldn't see it if you take the wire back out. (You can drill right through carpet too with the exception of berber since that will twist around the bit and then cause a tear. I just pulled it up slightly to make the hole then put it back)

In the basement all of the wires are tacked with cable staples to the beams and ran back into a cabinet which houses the equipment. Both ends I just used RJ45 as a patch panel is a little overkill for home usage. (And costly) Including tools I wouldn't be surprised if you could do something similar for around $100 and a couple days of work. The main advantage I have is having an unfinished basement to run all of the wires in. If you had a 2 story house then it might be considerably harder to get network connectivity between the floors.
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