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Default Re: 270.18 beta driver conflicts with VMware Workstation 3D acceleration

Just wanted to "Me, Three" this thread- any of the 270.* 64-bit betas on a Linux host and a WinXP VMWare 7.1.3 guest with 3D acceleration turned on will cause the XOrg input thread to lock up if after starting some programs like "Slingplayer". The system is still running, but the mouse pointer can't select anything, and you can't type. Had to SysRq-unRaw to get things back to where I could unfreeze the input layer to do a clean shutdown.

Switching to 260.19.36 (the latest stable) lets that setup run perfectly. I know, no bugreport, but 64-bit Linux, XOrg 1.7.6 kernel, VMWare 7.1.3 build-324285, GeForce 8600GS 512MB GPU RAM.
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