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Default Re: Flash acceleration on Linux?

I have the 11 flash working (nvidia 8200 integrated + 270.26 drivers, Debian Squeeze 32-bit, Opera 11.10 browser).

Description: Shockwave Flash 11.0 d0

/etc/adobe/mms.cfg file:


Check the attachment. Test subject:

!! The real hw acceleration can be seen only after the whole video is cached to disk!!.
The caching process eats lots of cpu cycles it seems.

Until then i had 50% operapluginwrapper and 38% Opera processes, after it cached completely i had 20-30% operapluginwrapper and 2% Opera processes.
All this with 1080p and the larger video size (not fullscreen).

Originally Posted by thecapsaicinkid View Post
Nvidia GT210 vdpau C
Ubuntu 64bit

This video apparently is Stage Video enabled. I'm seeing 60% cpu and 'Software Rendering' in the video info.
Hm. It does work for me. Hardware acceleration, 1080p with Opera 11.10, flash on Debian Squeeze 32-bit nvidia 8200 + 270.26 drivers). After caching ~18-25% CPU

The screenshot is taken with the 11 d0 flash. The tearing is not visible while playing. Also, there is no garbage on the screen as with the 10.2.152 version.
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