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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

I think the best way to approach this for both Nvidia and the Linux Community is this:

Nvidia would kindly offer a $5000 bounty for the first team/ person who can hack the driver and find a solution for this Optimus and Linux Coexistence. (Thumbs up for the guys who progressed technology by hacking the 'Kinect' with a similar competition).

Now, if this isn't possible, Nvidia is really messing up with the Linux users. I mean I'm personally a Computer Vision & AI researcher, and I've seen a lot of universities use Nvidia graphics cards for their computations, simulations, programs. If Nvidia doesn't take action fast, I wouldn't be suprised that another Graphics card company rises and steals the linux 'Research focused' market share. That although linux is free, we are talking about millions of dollars of advanced research centers using linux just for the Nvidia Tesla products. (I haven't searched on Tesla Graphics cards with Optimus, but Oh Lord, please do not make this happen).

I do not intend to threat Nvidia, (if they feel that they have I apologize) , but rather to make them realize the big shot they're missing. It's an important wake up call, and the time for their downfall might be coming! (Remember IBM )
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