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I couldn`t have been more tired , irritated and frustrated not even if I went searching for needles in a wagon of sand ! (or whatever)

The point is that there are some things to fix in order to update the kernel such as gcc , make , binutils etc...after I gathered all the necessary information I came up to the conclusion that I only needed to downgrade gcc to 2.95 from 3.2.2-5 (yay ! so said I at that time) but it wasn`t meant to be .... I SIMPLY CAN`T UNDERSTAND THE INSTALLATION METHOD OF GCC !!! therefore I`m giving all this crap up.

In consequence to those written above what is the best Network Card recommended for Linux ?! I intend buying it and save myself time , nerves , sweat and violent feelings , Linux has been a major dissapointment so far !

So...any ideas on NICs ?

Preferably one recognized by MOST Distros especially : Slackware , Debian , RedHat and Mandrake without endless hours of searching the web for forums/drivers from a Windows machine having to boot/reboot everytime I need docs/drivers in order to install it ...

Blah !!!
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