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Default Re: Switching to Verizon soon

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I have 3G and LTE(4G) on my Atrix with ATT, pretty much everywhere I go in Chicagoland area. Didn't go to WI with Atrix yet, but with my Fuze last year I was getting 3G in some parts of WI, but good news is I never lost sigma completly, while friends with Spring/Verizon all lost their signal.

I would never get a verizon or sprint. only two companies that I would consider are T-Mobile and ATT. I need a GSM phone with SIM card.

When ever I go to Poland, I simply take out my SIM card, buy minutes as I go from Orange or Era and simply use my normal phone.
The Atrix doesn't support LTE nor does AT&T have their LTE Network available yet. The Atrix is an HSDPA+ "4G" phone.
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