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Default Re: Flash acceleration on Linux?

Originally Posted by hl_ View Post
Seems that there is a myriad of different flash versions available. Is there any way of getting video acceleration to work with a 64 bit flash player yet?
There are 2 current versions of flash: - the vanilla Adobe flash for Linux - has Stage Video support (hardware decoding with vdpau(nvidia) and uvd2/3(ati/amd) capable cards), but disabled by default. Can be enabled by inserting


in the


It is unstable on nvidia cards that use the proprietary driver, if hw acceleration is enabled leads to corrupted display areas. Also it crashes a lot.

10.2.r154 - the flash plugin shipped with Chrome browser. It seems that the Stage Video is disabled for good in this one, the mms.cfg file contents are ignored.
The good is that it is very stable (well, as much as flash can be...).

And there is one test version:

11 d0 - Seems better than the 152 version, works quite good and no screen corruption is observed. But still crashes now and then. It has support for some nifty 3d capabilities (there are some adobe demos). Enabling them you need to modify the /etc/adobe/mms.cfg file like this:


Anyway, some sites will refuse to work with 11 d0 or 10.2.152 if hw acceleration is enabled.
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