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Originally posted by LBJM
I didnt get the nvaudio to work they need to update the driver to work with the 2.6 series. however the quality of the sound for me under windows wasnt as good as my hercules xp theater. you could also try the oss i810 driver too.

as with the locking append acpi=off to you lilo config and rebot and try loading the module but make sure you are using apic in the kernel.

Thanks for the pointer about acpi=off, I will try that when I can tomorrow. For the moment I have alsa up and running. Personally I think nVidia should make the solution for the chipset like they have for the gfx cards, that one works like a charm.

For the moment my main objective is trying to figure out if it is possible to wake this damn box up with WOL, after powerdown from linux. I guess I'll go bother the acpi people at sourceforge
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