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Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
There's some new deal for $529 or something at Sam's or Costco.

Google it, I think it's still active.

My friend got his on Thursday and I have to say, Honeycomb is quite nice. The interface is butter-smooth and the widgets are pretty sweet. The form-factor is also not bad, smaller than I thought it would be.

He mentioned the OS is still a work in progress, as it is the first release for Honeycomb, but overall he liked it a lot better than his rooted 2.3.2 on his Evo.

The browser was also quite nice but, I have to say, I am definitely looking forward to the new update with Flash enabled.


Here's the link I saw online for the pricing
Oh crap, I'm heading down there now..damn thanks for the heads up. I was just playing with this at BB for like an hour, it really was very nice..
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