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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I really don't miss flash at all on my iPhone. Flash is the number one (read: only) reason for crashes or strange slowdowns on my Macs. Adobe is just not able to produce a 100% stable version for OS X. This POS is really the last thing I want on my iOS devices.

I'll probably get an iPad 2 at some point. Just wish it was as cheap here as well but it's $250 more expensive.

Yesterday, I walked around the Geneva Motor Show and the iPad was dominating. 80% of all booths used the iPad and custom apps for their car descriptions. Mercedes did an awesome job with this. Other like Volvo were decent but not as polished. And others even replaced their computers at the info stands with iPads and the keyboard dock. Some still went "oldschool" and used the latest Apple Cinema Displays or iMacs.
Hot booth babes, beautiful cars and Apple hardware all over it - perfect
Here's the thing Slawter, I doubt you will find anyone who will say "Flash is the greatest thing EVER".

What really grinds the gears is that the competition give you the OPTION. Many sites I go to STILL use flash (unfortunately the Anime and Manga world has not progressed to HTML5 yet) and there are many other video aggregators who also still use Flash for videos. And then there is the game angle. A lot of short time-wasters and indie games out there work only on Flash. I don't want to be forced into purchasing apps from the app store because Apple wants me to only use what they deem correct.

There is a lot of potential and I do enjoy the form-factor and polish. But I detest the closed nature of the beast.

WRT car's, typically whatever is big at the moment will dominate because car manufacturers want to resonate with the average person on the street.
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