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Originally Posted by Airbrushkid View Post
I could care less about flash. I use Firefox on my PC and I use Flashblock. With Apples phones and iPad I don't have to play around trying to use a Flashblocker.

Nobody is forcing anyone to buy Apple products. And Apple should have the right to make things the way they want and if you don't like don't buy.
I have an iPhone. I've had one since the 3G came out

People are going to buy the iPad and iPhone and other products because they are... well... it goes without saying.

Flashblock and other applications typically block flash based ads. Flash content such as games or videos is usually not blocked.

There is a distinct lack of choice, lack of things like widgets and other components. If you go to any tech site where discussions such as this occur, it usually starts off this way.

Think back to multi-tasking, or copy and paste. So many people posted comments about why Appe should be able to do what it wants and if you don't want it, don't buy it and all that crap. And, as soon as Apple GETS that feature, its almost like they invented it and now that feature is a god-send and should be used as a crutch with which to attack other platforms (such as Win-Mo which didn't have cut and paste and proper multi-tasking when it was released).

I would like to avoid having that kind of discussion if at all possible
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