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Default Re: Xid errors and weird display on GTX 570 after some time

Originally Posted by Lamieur View Post

With this new computer (H67 mobo, i5-2500, Gainward's GTX 570 "Golden Sample"), I'm having a display problem after some time of it working.
IMVHO, I've seen (and suffered) that kind of failure and indeed I recommend you to change the hardware.

Some kind of setups don't with Linux, in my case was a GF6600GT and an Asus high-end motherboard. The setup didn't work well in Linux, and gave problems in Windows too. The problem was hardware related and no amount of software tweaking could solve the problem.

Next time I built a PC, I was way more cautious and look for real advice from a hardware expert, and got a quad Intel, GTX260 and motherboard from Gigabyte. That setup has been rock solid in Linux (100ths of days of uptime).

Just IMHO. Regards.
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