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Default forgot an important first step


I don't think the binary will do you much good. Sorry to say, but I forgot to mention that I performed a necessary first step, and that was to install the binary


Feeling guilty I tried to install and load the nvnet module straight from different NVIDIA binaries without using the NVIDIA source rpm, and was unable to load nvnet into the kernel. (In fact, without the kernel-source it wouldn't even compile from its source rpm.) From this I can only conclude that one needs to follow the NVIDIA READ.ME and set up the development environment ie

% cd /usr/src/packages/SRPMS
% su
Password: *******
# pushd /usr/src/linux
# make cloneconfig
# make dep
# popd

and then start installation with the source rpm (as I did in my previous posting). Hopefully with updaing the kernel source as your very first step and then following the directions from my previous post, you'll be able to get things running. It was the only (and I mean only)way I got it to work.

Good luck and sorry about the mistake
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