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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Originally Posted by Mecasickle View Post
And as I mentioned before, If they aren't planning on doing it in the present, then offering a Bounty prize for software developers wouldn't do any harm.
Bounty prize alone without drivers source code won't do any good.
But then, nVidia can't reveal it's source code for many reasons.
And nVidia can't write new Linux gfx driver from scratch even if Xorg will be corrected (or for Wayland) so it won't run simultaneously with Intel driver (which is needed now with cheap Optimus implementations).

The only solution here is to press laptops manufacturer to include hardware gfx output mixer and an option in BIOS to switch to discrete graphics permanently.

Originally Posted by Mecasickle View Post
If Nvidia doesn't take action fast, I wouldn't be suprised that another Graphics card company rises and steals the linux 'Research focused' market share.
Pure OpenGL based chip would be nice...
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