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Oh but the corrupted lilo.conf was overwritten with the good one by simple copying it F5 in Midnight Commander from /mnt/sysimage/mnt/MyDisk , where MyDisk is a vfat/FAT32 Windows partition where I specially created a folder with various config files such as lilo.conf , fstab and others...therefore I`m allowed to write/read/etc I not ?

Running "lilo" return : file or directory not found , that`s why I tried treating lilo.conf as an executable ... the question is that I tried running lilo from different directories including the one where lilo.conf is originally located /mnt/sysimage/etc/.

And yes /mnt/sysinfo is nothing but the my "/" image ... it mounts it as if it were a partition from another disk just like vfat/FAT32 partitions are treated in Linux enviroment (see /mnt/MyDisk).Therefore I`ve access to all directories and files from my poor system including the windows partitions I added in /mnt when the system was operational.

I hope I`m making myself clear enough for you to understand , I`m terribly sorry for my English...

"lilo" : file or directory not found , I shall read the man lilo file ....
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