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Default Re: Call for testers: HDMI pass-through

* Graphics: NVIDIA GPU GT 240
* Driver version: 260.19.06
* Kernel version: 2.6.37
* Receiver: Pioneer 1019 AH-K
* ALSA 1.023

I am running a x64 version of Meerkat. Both files work, but the DTS-HD is not always consistent. I can run the True-HD file and the receiver always displays properly. With DTS-HD it will go back and forth between PCM and True-HD or the +4 Dialogue message will appear. Oddly, other times the DTS-HD logo appears right away. I've noticed DTS-HD only works fairly consistently if I open a new terminal between running True-HD and DTS-HD. If you attempt to run both from the same terminal, something gets confused and DTS-HD won't display.
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