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Originally Posted by Sazar View Post
This guy's rant basically is the main reason I do not currently have an iPad and am looking at Android for my next device.

Fwiw, he does a LOT of Apple reviews and a number of cases I have purchased over the years are after checking his channel so he's clearly not a "hater"
I do agree with his rant and the fact that iOS notifications appear to be pretty crappy. Apple should have and do a better job with iOS and I've thought that since day one. I'm not real thrilled that they are trying to force some of the iOS features and designs into Mac OS X Lion (10.7) but easily enough, those features can be disabled, turned off or just not used.

Apple may have turned on the smartphone revolution but they also need to realize some of the mistakes they are making. This isn't saying that Android is any better, it's still pokey slow IMO, even the custom ROMs. I would LOVE to see OS X running on the iPad2, that would be amazing.

I think (and I hate to say this) Apple will eventually have the same OS running on all of there devices and computer one day; WebOS is looking to go down this road and I don't think it's a good idea. They probably think that you should have the same experience on your smartphone just like you do on your MBP. No way. I don't want my laptop/desktop dumbed down to iOS-like standards/functions/whatever. If it comes to that, you can bet I'll ditch Apple for Linux in a heartbeat.

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