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Default Re: Crysis 2 only DX9 - DX11 will be "later"

I didn't play it myself but I did get to see the leaked version of this game in person tonight...

Either Crytek has a whole lot of PC goodness that didn't get leaked or this game is absolute crap. The sh*t sandwich hold the bun kind of Epic fail I would have never thought Crytek capable of upon the release of the first Crysis game.

I for one will not be touching this game until I see for myself that the game is more than what was leaked. In all honesty... the actual in game graphics on the leaked version don't look a whole lot different from the BS MP demo and the game play is horrible. Another game where the controls are completely ****ed thanks to them being designed for the rrod_360 little kiddie box.

Yeah, you can use the editor to do neat stuff and make great screen shots... I don't want to play with an editor, I want to play a game. So disappointing


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