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Having an instant-on device is no longer a pipe-dream and, while there are definitely some short-comings (for example, only 5 back-ground apps shown in the left-hand menu and it's not scroll-able), those little niggles will be fixed.

Overall, while I spend far more time on my computer than I do on any of the portable devices out there, I love the convenience factor and this is what a lot of people also appreciate about these devices.

They are definitely not desktop replacement items, but they do most of the basic things well enough.
One thing I have been thinking, is I regularly do IT work for a friend of mine who is a pediatrician who started his own private practice, and he asked me if there was anything that he could carry with him easily quickly google information to assist in making a diagnosis (no he doesn't use google to make the entire diagnoses - he is a professional who was at one point making 310k a year and was in charge of many other doctors - just google is a lot faster than pulling one of his books out and flipping through pages)

I told him he may consider getting a tablet but I also told him that don't know if it would be as fast as he is looking for. Because correct me if I'm wrong, but I would think touch typing on a tablet would be pretty clumsy compared to a laptop. I suggested he might consider getting one of those laptop tables that you can move around easy, though I'm not entirely sure if there is something about tablets that I'm overlooking.
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