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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post

I was thinking the guy never stops. Plus nothing to compare to in that lousy review.
Is the cooler noisy, sure it is but the open test bench just makes it even more noisy. I don't think AMD could have got better air cooler on such powerful card and keep it 2 slots at the same time.

I don't think there is any problem with the heat at least not compared to other powerful set ups. The load temps are just about the same as GTX 570 SLI, GTX 580 SLI and much lower than GTX 480 and HD 4870x2.

If that genius reviewer wanted to cook something on the card he should have used at least GTX 480.

Here ONLY the OC HD 6990 is much more noisy than GTX 580 SLI. Both picture are from AnandTech HD 6990 reviews

Based on the above I don't think the rumored GTX 590 is going to run cooler or more quiet provided it's going to be as powerful as the HD 6990 and and use just 2 slots.
This man makes the best video tests, and he is honest.

From Tom's:

Up to about 78 degrees Celsius, the Radeon HD 6990's fan spins at about 2180 RPM. We’ll call that the safe zone. Within a minute or so in a 3D application, the warmest GPU heats up to somewhere between 88 and 89 degrees, and the fan cranks up to 2880 RPM. That’s “who played a trick on me and swapped my graphics card out for a GeForce GTX 480?” territory. Both the AMD and Nvidia cards crank out about 51 dB. In order to keep the card at 90 degrees or less, the fan then speeds up to 3600 RPM, or what I call Charlie Sheen F-18 mode.

There’s no excuse for a graphics card to be this loud and, if spinning its cooling fan up to 3600 RPM is the only way to keep the Radeon HD 6990 from overheating, then this product simply isn’t ready for consumption. Because the problem is related to fan speed, there’s a chance an updated firmware could smooth out the way AMD handles heat. Right now, though, there’s no way I’d install one of these things in a gaming machine.

Simple, you can't put this cheap cooling solution on card like this.
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