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Default cpu peeks cause temporary freeze

Hello everybody!
Trying lots of different solution, i finally managed to understand that the problem may come from the nvidia driver
if i keep the compiz effects ON or with flash videos the percentage of cpu usage grows enourmously, causing lots of temporary freezes of the entire system (during which i can only move my mouse); something similare happens when using vlc, with the difference that sometimes it randomly goes to 100% with just one cpu (not always the same) and freezes the system for a short while, and of course this surely doesn't happen as often as it does with flash videos; about the vlc problem, the freeze doesn't happen always with the same frame of a video file, but randomly.
all the above doesn't happen if i use the nouveu driver or if i turn the compiz effects off
i'm using ubuntu 10.10 64bit (32bit gives the same problems), integrated nvidia geforce 6150se with official drivers (tried different versions of those driver, same effects).
May i have any hint about how to proceed to solve the problem?

thanks in advance and sorry for my poor english
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