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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
Hmm i have read several reviews now on the 6990 and a friend and I got talking about the 6990 last night, we both came to the same conclusion that we don't really know who would actually buy one of these, let me explain. A person who can afford a 6990 is the sort of person who can afford to lay down a serious amount of cash on their PC and the will be an enthusiast and a enthusiast is going want the faster hardware available and for the extra money they would probably go with an 580 GTX SLI setup over a 6990. That being said feel free to disagree with me.
And has anyone on here bought one yet? further proof I am wrong lol
You can buy 2 of these and add it into the same form-factor as a 580 SLi setup and you would get ridiculous performance.

Let's face it, the only people who will be buying something that is $700 bucks are enthusiasts who can put 2 of these in their cases together (quad-fire) and water cool the bastards.

Me? I'm happy with my 580, but seeing the raw performance of a single card that is so much better than mine in every conceivable way does leave me a little envious


Seems like the water-blocks will be out on the 18th.
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