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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
1.) $300 more for the GTX 580 SLI is not exactly some people even enthusiast like to spend on video cards, specially with upgrading every year and the cards fast loosing resale value.

2.) Some people might not even have a need for such powerful set as GTX 580 SLI, for example my gaming at 1080p resolution the HD 6990 is probably overkill. I'm mainly upgrading because the HD 6990 has 2GB GDDR5 per GPU and much better tessellation than my HD 5970. Also for some people the HD 6990 with 2GB GDDR5 will compete well in some games with much more expensive GTX 580 SLI in some high resolutions and multi monitors setup.

3.) Your better argument probably was why not GTX 570 SLI or HD 6970 CF which is close in the same price range. The short answer is, my setup is better suitable for single graphic card.

4.) You and your friend and everybody else following the graphic cards news should know by now. Neither Nvidia or AMD/ATI ever produced the dual GPU graphic cards to compete with 2 cards SLI or 2 cards CF. The single most important reason for the Dual GPU cards is to have the fastest graphic card on the market which also in the case for AMD/ATI was for the last 4 generation the flagship card.

5.) If somebody bought the card yet is kind of very strange question, since Newegg I'm sure the best supplied online retailer has the cards sold out even though some cards already had second shipment. Are they going to be many Nvidia enthusiasts buying the card, I doubt so but the video card industry is not just about this forum.

Well said. Remember this is a NVidia Fanbouy site.

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