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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
Sure I will when i get the card and you can be surethat it will be 100% honest. For now I only have the e-mail confirmation. "Your order should be processed and ready for ship-out within 24-48 hours." 3/8/2011 8:11:16 PM

Oh really? Did you watch it? If you think it was so good and professional, how would you rate it compare to this video, since the review was basically just about cooling and heat.

Again oh really, if the the vapor chamber cooling is so cheap I wonder why did Nvidia copied it from AMD on some of the cards. Here is the HD 6990 dual vapor chambers cooler. I don't think there is anything cheap about it plus I don't remember reading any review describing as cheap.

According to all reviews there is no problem with the heat on HD 6990 at least not compared to other powerful setups like GTX 570 SLI, GTX 580 SLI and HD 6970 CF. Furthermore GTX 480 and HD 4870x2 run much more HOT as I already posted. I still have the HD 4870x2 and was able to cope with it even without any after market coolers.

Yes the HD 6990 is more noisy than others, most likely two or three fan cooler other than the turbo fan will solve the problem but that will turn it in 3 slot card. I'm sure they're going to be some after market coolers like that. The other solution is water cooling, something I don't like to be bothered with.

In the mean time I should not have any problem with heat, my CosmosS case is well ventilated, 200x230x30mm 900 rpm side panel intake fan blowing air right on the graphic card, I also have 3 more 120x120x25mm 1200 rpm intake fan installed and 3 x 120x120x25mm 1200 rpm exhaust fans. I believe this should make it better than open bench test.

About the noise, at one time my very sexy neighbor was politely asking if I can turn down the volume when playing games at late night. First I was thinking it was just her excuse to talk to me, like new pick up line , but just to make her happy I bought Sennheiser headphones, so that should solve the problem until I replace the cooler IF NEEDED.
Vapor chamber isn't AMD technology.

In this video system is shutting down while running Unigine. This is CF 6990 test:

This colling solution is not enough for these cards.
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