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Default Re: Nokia to Get a Billion Dollars from Microsoft

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
there is only one thing I like about windows phone. Atleast on paper, will see in few days if it actually might work well.

The system updates get pushed to all the phones, first incoming update is the NoDo, supposed to happen in few days.

Biggest issue with Android is that it gets seperated to much, there are Android phones out there that go back all the way to 1.x something up to 2.3 plus the new 3.0

Google really needs to figure out a better system upgrade method. Google should have the ability to release system upgrade that would be able to be pushed to all systems at the same time, so no phones get left behind.

This is the only windows phone strenght, and android weakness.
Pushed updates are a horrible idea. Alot of people root their phones for additional capabilities and pushed OS updates have a tendency to brick those phones. Sure the number of people who root their phones aren't huge, but still. Besides, what if the new update gets rid of something that you really like and use or creates errors in an app you paid for? Well, too friggin bad. Just make updates easily available and people can update as they want.
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