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Default Re: Ati or nVidia for Crysis2?

Well, I will say this.

I know for a FACT, 101% truth in this, that the supplier of PCs to Crytek (in the UK I assume) for the past couple of years have been ATI based.

Here's a few tidbits.

Hi Guys,

We've been very hush hush about this for quite some time now, but I feel we should mention this as it is rather huge and something you all should know about us.

Many (if not all) of you won't know but for over 3 years now, we (Gladiator Computers) have been building very high end systems for Crytek UK for the development of the latest & awesome Crysis 2, the previous Crysis games, and the devlopments of the CryEngine over the years.

We may not be as big as our rivals when it comes to systems (although we're very well on our way), but we offer a great service with fantastic systems & prices.

I hope you all find this information somewhat reassuring as when it comes to high end systems, we provide some of the best in the business.
I can't remember the total amount of systems excatly, but we've probably built close to 100 high spec PCs for them over the past 3 years, and of all those systems not one has ever featured an Nvidia graphics card.

Quite confusing really as its not like they favour AMD/ATI or anything as all those systems have been all Intel based and also Nvida recently signing an exclusive deal for this Crysis 2 benchmark and rights to use their assets to promote their latest GTX 550Ti coming out this month.
So now you know why ATI / Crossfire generally does a better job with Crysis and will probably do the same for Crysis 2. No level of marketing can get around the facts.
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