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after playing a bit I understand why people are upset, but at the same time, this is pretty much what Crysis 2 needed to do in the multiplayer department. Crysis Wars wasn't popular at all and although it sounded ridiculously awesome on paper, it just didn't really work that well. Movement of the player was odd with all the speed modifications and such which didn't make the gameplay that fun. C2 does a lot better job refining the gameplay, even if its streamlined, there is still a lot more you can do with your character.

Graphics wise, there are many corners cut which would make this stand out as a clear superior to Crysis 1, however, the near surroundings have many more objects and variation than the large scale maps of Crysis Wars which consisted of wide open land with set pieces along the way. Again this is just multiplayer, and hopefully a console port of a demo, but I believe sp will end up being a much more attractive experience.

If Crysis 3 came out for the next gen of consoles, I could see a good mixture of Crysis 1 and 2 making one hell of a good game.
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