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Default Re: Awesome conference on Software Engineering

Being a Software Developer for many years before I retired I think I have some understanding of software development. And although I think what's typically taught doesn't work I will say this video didn't seem to help anything. I can't offer the answer but I don't think this video is worth the praise it's being given.

Some of my products were sold retail in more than one country so I don't think I'm a complete idiot either. I have some strong feelings about what's wrong but I don't think this is the time to share it. But I will say one thing, it seems to me the more education you have in how to develop software the further away from the real answer you get.

Simply put, good software engineers working together creates good software, not the structured and enforced environment I worked in during my last few years. The only thing it did was create a time table you were forced to follow and that created software the customer didn't like, as in buggy.

What I seen was forced releases that didn't get the testing they needed to produce good software, just praise for the boss because they were released on time. A software or hardware bug is like a fish, how long does it take to catch it, as long as it takes. And schedules don't work that way. Ha. I could go one but why, the problems are so entrenched in the development process they will probably stay there forever.
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