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Default Re: Seeking Upgrade Advice

Originally Posted by Intel17 View Post
All right. So, honestly? My vote is to go with 2x GTX 560 Ti. Your CPU, yeah, it isn't top end, but it's no slouch either. And if you're willing to overclock it a bit, maybe pick up a new cooler (Noctua NH-D14 is pretty incredible), you can pump yet more life out of that system. The 2x 560Ti will get you more performance than a GTX 580 (for GTX 580 price), but it's not so overkill as to be held back by your "old" Q9550.

In any case, you will be seeing MASSIVE improvements from your current setup. I guarantee it.
Thanks Intel17, I appreciate the advice... I'm gonna wait a little and see how the GTX590 does in terms of heat and noise, I'm sure it will perform a bit better than GTX560 SLI and very close to GTX570 SLI,

Plus it'll be a single card solution leaving me to upgrade my CPU and add another GTX590 in a year or two...

If the GTX590 really sucks then I'll go with GTX560 SLI or GTX570 SLI... thanks again...

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