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Default Re: New flashplugin 10.2 video overlay issue (Nvidia ralated ???).

Originally Posted by firew4lker View Post
With the new flashplugin there is an issue with the video overlay. Some times after watching a video the overlay stays there. The only way to "reset" it is to restart X.

Same behavior with or without hardware acceleration.

Does anyone face the same problem?

GPU: Nvidia 8400 GS proprietary drivers.

It seems that it happens with Nvidia cards only.

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I joined because I struggled with this and my solution was as follow.
First I might say that I am on OpenSuse 11.4 64bit and might not work with 32bit installs.
Further more I'm using the 270.30 beta but it worked with latest stable as well.

1. I uninstalled all my flash player related packages (eg. only one ;-)

2. Downloaded the 64bit beta Flash Player "Square"

3. Unpacked and moved the "" to "cd /usr/lib64/browser-plugins/"

4. Done

Kind Regards LaGa
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