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Default Re: Optimus support for Linux

Originally Posted by amartin83 View Post
Well, this my be only my personal satisfaction, but after nvidia pis..ed on me by not supporting Optimus on Linux, they lost maby not enough to feel it stright away, but a lot graphic cards for my clients, friends and university. Shame that nvidia wants that but since it doesn't care about clients then here you go It may be around 100 cards in total that people choosed competition insted nvidia (PC and laptops) in about 2 months I know about. But I gotta filling I'm not the only one who is counting this (and helping people choose a good, working graphic card diffrent than nvidia). Thanks nvidia for my not-working-graphic card.
Given that nvidia didn't hesitate to quit making even AMD motherboard chipsets do you really think that they will care about maybe if you are lucky < .1% of users that use a OS that has ~2 % marketshare? Especially when there is going to be a viable complete Nvidia portable platform with Tegra?
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