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Default Re: Apple says "f*ck you" to iphone 3g owners

Originally Posted by mojoman0 View Post
apple doesn't make money on 2.5 year old phone hardware that they dont sell any more which leaves them little reason to continually support it. Microsoft has made the mistake of supporting legacy OS and programs such as IE because they have such a large user base they sort of have to but look how lethargic their product releases are
This is one thing that absolutely pisses me off. I deal with crappy bank applications on a daily basis that STILL rely on IE6 and WinXP; they are finally going with Win7 and IE8 as their "standard" starting this year, or so they say. Although WinXP is still a decent OS (honestly, it is), IE6 is dead and Win7 is good enough to replace XP as a "standard" OS. Companies like MS should push users to upgrade IMO, not just saying "Oh, we don't support any longer, but feel free to use what you want even though IE9 is right around the corner". Heck, with IE9 coming out, IE7 should be phased out IMO.
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