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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by Heinz68 View Post
I already posted the AnnadTech graph in this thread, so here one more time. Beside neither the GTX 480 or Hd 4870x2 hot temps are not any secret.

THE ONLY reason I talked about the GTX 480 and Hd 4870x2 was to compare, since my reply was to this very strange post to put it nicely. No idea what was the need for you to get involved and not let it go. Like there was any more need to talk about it

Not for everybody the GTX 480 is history many people still use the card without any problems, I also still have the HD 4870x2. Off course if Peoples-Agent was right than the cards would have been REAL HISTORY, long time ago and that was my point.

How much more objective you want me to be since I also included the HD 4870x2?

It's really VERY FUNNY when you talk about objectivity. I mean you who is specializing in negatives posting about AMD/ATI. The ONLY time you visit this forum is when you have something negative to say.
You are posting graphs that you like. Why don't you post this:

In order to keep temp. around 90C this is what you get. The loudest card ever created.

GTX 480 is history because today nobody will buy it, especially with fabric cooler. And btw, problems with high temps on GTX 480 are mostly because of low RPM, even when card hits 90C.

According to many tests this isn't case with 6990.
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