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Default Re: AT&T to limit DSL and U-Verse bandwidth

Originally Posted by johnkeel105 View Post
Greed and more Greed. Perhaps they should take some of the precious cash their company makes and use it to improve their service. I use this service and while it may take a while to download 150GB at 600Kbps. It can be done if your a user of large amounts of video. I just calculated it up and downloading say 15 Steam games when reformatting a computer could easily easily render you over the cap in 72 hours
I think 600KBps is a little optimistic for DSL, but still it would be possible to have it used up in say 4 or 5 days. Once again though it's one of those things where the end user should just be a little more responsible with their bandwidth and maybe they wouldn't need to have caps. It's going to take about 30 games to eat a 150GB cap since games are compressed, and that means you'd basically be downloading a game for each day of the month. It's very unrealistic that you have to do that all at once.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
pfft, Get close to my comcast limit. I actually can't install anymore steam games because I am 50GB away from the limit. It's ****ing ridiculous that they can impose a limit like this. Why provide me a 50Mbps service if I can't even really use it, I should get more bandwidth then a 1Mbps subsciber, give me 500GB of bandwidth atleast...
Yea I'd have to agree that the new tiers are in need of a cap upgrade. Hopefully when DOCSIS 3.0 makes it across all of their network they will up the cap. For the standard plans it's fine, but for the 20mbps+ plans it's a little low. That said there isn't too much to worry about as you can definitely go over it as long as you aren't consistently blowing by it and you have a congested node. I've seen posts of people who can still push 500GB of data through it and not receive letters. It's usually those people who want to push 1TB through the service which are causing issues for the other people on the node.

The main problem I have with AT&T's implementation is the overage charges. Unlike Comcasts cap where it's basically there to give people a hard number when they could be considered using too much data, AT&T will gladly bill if you use more than what they consider fair use. Hopefully that is the one practice that Comcast will not attempt try to follow.
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