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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by Ancient76 View Post
You are posting graphs that you like. Why don't you post this:

In order to keep temp. around 90C this is what you get. The loudest card ever created.

GTX 480 is history because today nobody will buy it, especially with fabric cooler. And btw, problems with high temps on GTX 480 are mostly because of low RPM, even when card hits 90C.

According to many tests this isn't case with 6990.

I already posted the AnandTech graph slide about the loudness in this thread, long time before you. How many more times you want me to post it? To satisfy you. There was definitely nothing on my part to be selective or hide anything.

Ones more and hopefully for the last time, I was replying to this troll post. No idea why you need to defend it, instead just let it go.
Originally Posted by Peoples-Agent View Post
3 months tops, everyone will be on here crying their 6990 is fried.
Since the subject was heat I didn't think the noise graph slide needed to be included. Cards don't melt down from being loud. Only If the subject was somebody might get deaf from the noise, there might be need to include the slide.

If I wanted to be selective about the noise level than I could have use few better slides, like for example the one from Guru3D with the comment below it. No idea why the AnandTech noise level was so high, maybe he was using open bench test or has lousy ventilated case.

Now I think you should also stop trolling this thread. Enough is enough, I remember some long time member rightfully being banned for repeatedly posting how hot the GTX 480 runs in the GTX 480 thread, I hope the same wont happen to you.
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