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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
My GTX 480 is running 900 core / 1800 shader and 2100 memory on water and never breaks 46c. Faster than a stock 580 and beats the piss out of everything else on the market. The 480 at the same speeds as a 580 is only about 2% behind, the shaders don't make that much of a difference, it's the bump in clocks speeds that jumped the 580 ahead.

Oh yea and unlike the HD6990 and GTX 590 I don't have to deal with micro stutter and screwing with game profiles.

/480 is relevant if you're smart
Oh really, are you comparing OC water-cool GTX 480 to reference GTX 580? Do you really believe nothing will beat your setup. LOL

Looks likely everybody who upgraded to GTX 580 was not too smart. At least not according to your definition of being smart.

About the micro-stutter, in some setups and games every card can be taken down to knees but in that case the stutter will start much sooner with single GPU card in most cases.

About the water cooling, it's something I really want to avoid. For single card the initial cost for half decent VGA water-cooling is about $300, at least $100 more for additional card.

I do upgrade every new generation which means about $100 to $150 for new water block plus the additional maintenance, but I like to watch the water-cooling setups, some look very nice plus off course they cool better if half decent..
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