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Default Re: My PS3 just YLOD.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
You guys that buy this garbage are contributing to the death of PC gaming.
Thats retarded, the only games i play on my 360/PS3 is console exlusives,games like Forza/GT5/PGR/Uncharted etc games that never saw a pc release. For me console gaming is completly different to pc gaming, fps games are better on the pc so if there's a pc version available i ofc buy that. I play pc games every day, i pay blizzard a monthly fee, i buy pc games from steam/ retailers but i still play console games. It's moronic to think that they cannot coexist, i played consoles a looong time before i bought my first pc. You are limiting yourself, i on the other hand want to play games i like regardless of format but it doesn't take my main focus away from the pc.
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