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Default Re: My PS3 just YLOD.

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
You guys that buy this garbage are contributing to the death of PC gaming.
At least we're having fun gaming instead of just whining about it incessantly.

Originally Posted by sammy sung View Post
Thats retarded, the only games i play on my 360/PS3 is console exlusives,games like Forza/GT5/PGR/Uncharted etc games that never saw a pc release. For me console gaming is completly different to pc gaming, fps games are better on the pc so if there's a pc version available i ofc buy that. I play pc games every day, i pay blizzard a monthly fee, i buy pc games from steam/ retailers but i still play console games. It's moronic to think that they cannot coexist, i played consoles a looong time before i bought my first pc. You are limiting yourself, i on the other hand want to play games i like regardless of format but it doesn't take my main focus away from the pc.
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