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Default Re: NVS 3100m Large Slow Downs

Sorry, just a "me too" here, but I think it's valuable to know for how many users this hack helps.

It's working great for me, running maverick 64-bit on a Core i3 M370 with a GeForce 310M.

Before the hack, the 2D acceleration was badly suffering after a resume, topmost when scrolling in google chrome. Interestingly, the 3D performance was not suffering, I had 4800 fps in glxgears before and after suspend.

With this hack, the 2D performance stays as high as before, smooth scrolling all the way.

Just as a sidenote: Before I installed the script, I manually tried disabling/enabling the CPUs on the console and this already fixed it, so it would not be needed to disable HT before sleep, but it also works with disabling/enabling after resume.
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