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Default Re: nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 266.58 stopped responding

Originally Posted by xsolarwindx View Post
My computer:

AMD Athlon X2 4400+
3GB RAM - Tested in Memtest 86, all good
OS: Multibooting - Windows 7 64 bit, Linux 64 bit, BSD, QNX


Up till about a few days ago, I had an 8800GT that was working fine. Then it started crashing and freezing up the system. Turns out the card died.

So I went to a store and picked up a GTX460. Same drivers (also tried uninstalling, cleaning, then reinstalling).

I installed the card and everything seemed to work fine. Then I tried some games. Every few seconds to few minutes, the screen goes black and flickers slowly and I get this error message:

Display Driver Nvidia Windows Kernel Mode Driver Version 266.58 stopped responding and has successfully recovered

It's the most annoying thing ever.

This is ONLY happening in Windows. All other operating systems did NOT give me this error.

Googling for this problem points to idiots insisting its a hardware problem. It may very well be a hardware problem in many cases, but I don't think it is in this case.

Any ideas?
yea there is a possibility about faulty gpu or maybe it has to low voltage by default and craps out when stressed to much, i had that if i oc'ed gpu mem to high.

and try different drivers..

267.59 550Ti with modded inf. looks interesting, otherwise 263.15tesla (again modded inf.) looks like a great stable driver, far more than any 260, 265,266, 267.2x driver, some 460gtx users said the same.
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