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Default Re: nvidia windows kernel mode driver version 266.58 stopped responding

Originally Posted by Digital MasteR View Post
yea there is a possibility about faulty gpu or maybe it has to low voltage by default and craps out when stressed to much, i had that if i oc'ed gpu mem to high.

and try different drivers..

267.59 550Ti with modded inf. looks interesting, otherwise 263.15tesla (again modded inf.) looks like a great stable driver, far more than any 260, 265,266, 267.2x driver, some 460gtx said the same.
Thanks! I think it was a faulty GPU. I exchanged it for another one and it's fine. Then I overclocked it too much and found that it has the same error (but only when overclocked too much). So it's okay now.

I might slightly increase the voltages later on.
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