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Hold the phone!

Capcom isn't going ANYWHERE. Mark my words! They've have been through much WORSE than this and if it were not for their real estate holdings, they'd have posted a profit of about 70 Billion yen. Their games are fine, the company is fine...they can make money but right now, just need to trim some serious real estate fat and downsize.

I hate to put it in this fashion, but do you honestly think that if Capcom went on the selling block, they'd sell out to Microsoft - a company they probably refer to as "gaijin"?!?

Japanese folks have a high emotional stake in honor and intregrity than money and when it comes to investing and selling, they are very cautious. To them, selling out to an American company would probably be dishonorable, especially in light of facts that Microsoft is still struggling to gain a considerable installed base in Japan and historically, American gaming companies hasn't really proven a true sense of success to the Japanese. The last time an American gaming company ruled the roost was back in the late 70s/early 80s and that American company was Atari, which now is nothing more than a publishing moniker for Inforgrames.

Apparently the news of MS snagging Rare has us chomping at the bit.

We need to relax.
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