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Default Re: Official Radeon HD 6990 reviews

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
Wow... that is AWESOME!

As to the card, why is it limited to what the PCI-e can provide power wise? Aren't the two PCI-e power connectors there for a reason?

The PCI-e specification specifies that any given card shouldn't exceed 300 watts period....That means using a 6 pin + 8 pin PCI-e power plugs, not a pair of 8 pin plugs...

Now add the fact that even with a pair of 8 Pin power connectors, wich on principle supply at least 375 watts, that once that dual Bios feature built within the card itself is activated, making the card run at the same GPU clocks and voltage as the GPU's on the HD6970 cards, the HD6990 can hit 450 watts wich is seriously pushing the limits on that pair of 8 Pin PCI-e power connectors by an extra 75 watts....
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