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Originally Posted by Vardant View Post
No, the game is also actually out. There are pictures of the box etc.

And honestly, is repeating a known fact really making that much of a difference? If you're a pirate, you know the game is out. If you didn't know, you would have found out later and downloaded it anyway. If you're not a pirate, well, it doesn't change a thing.
Steam still has it listed as a pre-order, Amazon says it'll be released on the 22nd... that's 4 days from now, walmart lists it as pre-order, BestBuy lists it as pre-order, Gamestop lists it as pre-order.

No, it isn't officially available. Piracy is not tolerated here, you all know this. And the flippant disregard for this policy by certain members here is really beginning to get annoying to me personally.

I reported this thread, like I said I would. Now it is in the hands of the mods. If they wish to delete thread they may, if they feel this doesn't violate the site policy they'll leave it be.
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