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Default Re: Blank Screen on HP EliteBook 8540w with NVIDIA driver

Originally Posted by chralg View Post
Please post a step-by-step solution, so all of us can learn.

Ok. I'll try:

Download the latest ACPICA:


Compile only the iasl compiler. Check the needed dependencies before building.:

$ cd compiler && make

copy your systems DSDT to a temp directory.

$ sudo cp /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/DSDT ./

deassemble the DSDT:

$ <path to compiled iasl>/iasl -d DSDT

edit DSDT.dsl (I will attach my edited DSDT.dsl but maybe some of your laptop
specific hardware which I don't have won't work anymore).

Put the:

Device (PEG3)


Device (PEGP)

When compiling the DSDT.dsl you'll get several errors/warnings:

$ <path to compiled iasl>/iasl -tc iasl -tc DSDT.dsl

I tried to fix these errors but didn't know if it's really needed because an
output file is still generated. Leave the errors as-is or look into my attached
DSDT.dsl how I 'fixed' these errors.

When you compiled the DSDT.dsl. Put the DSDT.hex in a directory where the
kernel build can include it. I downloaded the latest stable 2.6.38 linux

$ cp DSDT.hex $SRC/include/

Add this to the your current kernel .config:


Build the kernel. I'm using Ubuntu:

$ fakeroot make-kpkg --initrd --append-to-version=-dsdt kernel-image kernel-headers

Install the kernel.

Install the nvidia driver (In Ubuntu install the nvidia-current package).

My xorg.conf is minimal:

Section "Device"
Identifier "Default Device"
Driver "nvidia"
Option "NoLogo" "True"

Only problem which is still left. Suspend/resume results in a 100% CPU Kworker
thread. Still looking into this.

Hope this helps.

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