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Default Re: BRINK - id tech 4 game by Splash Damage

Originally Posted by mnemonicartist View Post
"this game looks like it will use DirectX 11 and have hardware tessellation. If id tech 5 doesn't have OpenGL 4 and hardware tessellation, it will be embarrassing."
Embarrassing how exactly?

"I'm hoping they have 2 renderpaths, one for OpenGL 3.0 (DirectX 9), and one for OpenGL 4.1 (DirectX 11)."

OpenGL 2.1 is more like DX9
OpenGL 3.0 more like DX10
Actually 2.1 is like DirectX 8, remember that OpenGL 3.0 came out a little before DOOM 3 and was similar to DirectX 9. However, OpenGL can always do more with extensions.
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