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Default Re: FX2800M - driver 260.19.44 - adaptive clocking not working

Some days ago I tested the behaviour of my card for Windows 7, too. There, I see the same strange behaviour - the card runs at maximum speed all the time. Of course this affects not only battery time but also the thermal behaviour of the M6500.

As "Chris M" sees a reduction of clock frequencies in Ubuntu and Nvidia confirmed a clock frequency reduction for a FX3800M I tend to assume that my card has a defect or that its hardware was somehow hampered/misconfigured by Dell.

Can somebody from Nvidia confirm that a normal FX2800M should reduce its clock frequencies for my kernel and the driver in question ?

By the way: I contacted Dell last week. The Dell tech guys I had some discussions with were really astonished that Nvidia cards reduce their clock frequencies at all. This seemed to be real news for them. No comment ....
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