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Default Re: FX2800M - driver 260.19.44 - adaptive clocking not working

Chris, I quickly read through your thread. The interesting thing is that you even have problems when you disable the powermizer in your xorg.conf. A manually disabled powermizer corresponds in some way to my situation where no adaptive clocking is working under whatever conditions.

Therefore, I played around a bit on my M6500. Enabling 3D effects, opening a lot of different applications, firefox, libre office etc.. What I can confirm is that I observed some freezes of X11, too, on my system with Opensuse 11.3 and with the 260.19.44 driver for the FX2800M.

However, I did not see any problems at all whilst working the last 3 days with Opensuse 11.3 and 11.4 on a Dell M90 with an FX1500M and Nividia driver 260.19.29. Strange, isn't it ?
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